Carl Hurley CD “Southern Fried”


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Carl Hurley – Southern Fried  CD


  1. I Love the Discovery Channel
  2. Skinny People Bother Me
  3. Everybody Knows Everybody in a Small Town
  4. Three Places Where I Find Humor
  5. Raffle Tickets for a Mule
  6. Humor Is All Around Us
  7. I’m Glad It’s not a Perfect World
  8. The Woman and the Gas Leak
  9. People Do Interesting Things
  10. I Can’t Throw Away a Shoe Box
  11. Jeter Gets A White Collar Job
  12. Church Bulletin Boo-boos
  13. The Humor of Little Children
  14. I’m a Card-carrying Member of the AARP
  15. Who’s the Boss in This Family?
  16. Duck Walks Into a Feed Store/ My Wife Tells a Joke
  17. Going Back Home to Visit my Kin


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